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REMOTE CONTROL BOATRemote control boats are fun for both kids and adults who are kids at heart, providing endless hours of fun and enjoyment out in the sun and on the water. Unfortunately, choosing the best remote control boat is no easy feat, especially in recent years as more and more different kinds of remote control boats have become available.

With bright packaging and marketing blurbs promising lightning fast speeds and industry-leading durability, choosing between various models can seem almost impossible!

The problem most people face is trying to choose an obvious overall winner, rather than choosing the best boat for their purposes. There are a myriad of remote control boat options out there, each of which perform differently than the others.

If you’re going to use your RC boat primarily for racing, you’ll of course need a different boat than one that would be ideal for a ten-year old. There are all kinds of remote control boats for all kinds of uses, so you should keep this in mind during your search.

To help you out in making the right decision for you, I’ve created a list of some great suggestions that will make it easier than ever before to find the best remote control boat for you.

1. Value for money.

When it comes to the best bang for your buck, it’s hard to overlook the 23″ Balaenoptera Musculus Radio Remote Control Racing Boat.

This amazing little boat features PC twin propellers, boosting the speedy vessel to speeds of 25 mph or more.

Best of all, it has a tremendous operating range of 300 feet, meaning you can operate the boat further than you can see it out on the water on a clear day. Of course, all of the necessary components, such as the AC adapter and rechargeable battery pack, come included as well.

Not only is the boat fast, but it’s also really easy to put together. Simply put in the battery pack, install the plastic antenna mast, and screw the antenna onto the sending unit and you’re ready to hit the water. Thanks to the simple controls, handling and controlling the boat on the water is a breeze. For the price, it doesn’t get much better than this fast, durable, and easy-to-handle racing machine.

2. If you want a great boat for young kids.

There are plenty of kid-friendly remote control boats available, but very few provide the right mixture of performance and child-friendly features. One such exception is the NC 12″ 4 Channel RC Speed Boat.

The fast and fun NC 12” 4-Channel also features a great safety feature, which only lets the motor work when the boat is actually in the water. When it comes to the little ones, safety is key, and this RC boat deinitely makes safety a priority.

Safety aside, the little boat is perfect for young kids in a number of other ways as well. In addition to its durable construction and child-friendly design, the boat also has the right amount of zip and terrific handling. This makes it suitable for the youngest of users, or at least those over eight years of age.

3. If you want an entry point boat you can improve over time.

Kid-friendly boats are nice and all, but if you want an entry-level boat you can still win races with and use to improve your skills over time, then the Aquacraft SuperVee 27R Brushless FE 2.4GHz Boat boat is for you. Utilizing cutting-edge brushless power, the Aquacraft SuperVee is a performance machine. Brushless motors are in fact also being foudn more and more in other types of RC vehicles like cars and trucks as well as planes.

When the GrimRacer hardware and other quality features are taken into consideration, the handling, performance, and durability of this entry-level remote control boat are almost second to none.

4. If you want something that is just awesome fun.

When all is said and done, most people just want an awesome and versatile boat that can provide heaps of fun. With that in mind, my pick for the most awesomely fun RC boat goes to the “Radio Ranger” 34″ Remote Control Fishing Boat. Yes, you heard that right. It’s an RC fishing boat. Does it really get any better than that?

At nearly three feet long, the Radio Ranger is one big RC boat designed for catching fish of all sizes! In addition to allowing your kids to have fun hunting for smaller fish in close to the waters edge, the boat has an operating distance of 300 feet, allowing you tow your line out to some impressive distances far beyond your casting range.

5. If you want something that looks like the real thing.

Speed, being able to fish, ease of use, and so on are all worthy things to consider and deserving of their own categories. However, sometimes people just want an ornately-detailed, real-looking boat that runs just as well as it looks. In this regard, the 31″ RC HT-2879 Destroyer War Ship fits the bill.

The level of detail present throughout the construction of the Destroyer War Ship is amazing, making it appear more like a scale model than an actual working RC boat. This is pretty much the boat equivalent of some of the amazingly detailed and relaistic RC tanks you can also find these days.

The boat runs really well in both forward and reverse, and it also steers equally well in both directions. There is no throttle control, however, as it’s simply on or off, which actually makes it easier to handle. Due to its size, the 31” RC HT-2879 Destroyer War Ship also runs reasonably well in even slightly chopppy conditions too.

For the price, it doesn’t get any better as far as detail and durability are concerned. Don’t be fooled by its appearance either, because the boat is deceptively fast for its size.

Well, that’s the rundown on the top contenders for the best remote control boat on the market today. Regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s sure to be the perfect RC boat out there for you.

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  1. Dylan says

    I believe the best boat for your money is the Vitality Ft007 or Ft009. They both run extremely well and the Ft009 is going to give you a little more speed!

    • David says

      Hi Dylan,

      Thanks for your comments! And yes I’d agree those two Vitality models are both good boats – and actually pretty amazing at the price they come at too. And yes absolutely I’d go the Ft009 over the Ft007. More speed and I’ve also heard a bit more reliable too – was that your experience as well? Could be time for us to do an update to our post I think as there are a few other models in addition to the ones we’ve already got listed here too it would be great to get the word out about too. Thanks for taking the time to leave us your thoughts!

      David – My RCtopia

  2. jason riley says

    The Pursuit 32 is another awesome entry level FE (fast electric). Find it online at for a very reasonable price. I have added a few upgrades but mine does just under 60mph and handles great.

  3. says

    I am interested in the fishing boat.
    1-What happens if it runs out of battery power? Does it have back up battery?
    2- is it water proof or it will stop if wter gets in its components?
    3- is it sink proof?

    • David says

      Hi Edmond,

      Great to hear you’re interested in the fishing boat. In answer to your questions.

      1. No battery backup I’m afraid, so this just means you do have to be cautious with attempting to use it for periods that are likely to push close to its maximum run time per charge.

      2. Any components will likely be damaged or stop working if exposed to excessive amounts of water. The design of the boat however is meant to stop water leaking in to the components.

      3. It is a very sturdy boat for its size and the price but if you’re operating it in rough conditions where it could get overturned or just swamped then you might have some issues :-)

      I’d also strongly suggest you check out the Amazon page for the boat ( as there are a huge number of user reviews there too and they really let you get a good idea of how the boat runs overall as well as highlighting any potential issues (or bonuses) about the boat you may not have otherwise thought of.

      Hope that helps!

      David – My RCtopia

  4. Dan says

    When you buy 3 of these boats, do the signals conflict with each other? I have 3 kids and each wants their own boat but they want to play at the same time.

    • David says

      Hi Dan,

      It really depends on the precise model of the boat I’m afraid. A lot of the lower budget models particularly the ones aimed at kids tend to operate on one frequency. The best way to try and find a multi-frequency boat suitable for kids would be to do some searching around a site like Amazon which has a pretty big selection of boats. You could also try asking at your local hobby store but its likely most of the boats they’ll stock will be a bit more expensive – particularly if you’re looking for 3!

      The other option of course is to pick 3 different models of boat and ensure they each run on different frequencies (which is definitely possible to find) but if your kids are anything like mine you can probably guarantee unless the boats are all EXACTLY the same there are going to be argument.s :-)

      Sorry I can’t be more specific than that but hope it helps!

      David – My RCtopia

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